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About Us


"A Slice Of Heaven In Every Bite!"

Our Varieties

We grow First Kiss, Honeycrisp, SweeTango, Zestar, Pazazz and McIntosh apples.  Nature provides and with all the love and care that we put into producing our apples you can be confident that the apples you get from us will have the taste you come to love and expect from each and every apple we offer.
"There's a slice of Heaven in every bite!"

Minnesota Grown

We pride ourselves with the term Minnesota Grown, not just because our Apples are grown here in Minnesota, but also because the Honeycrisp Apple was created in Minnesota.  SweeTango, Zestar and Pazazz are all hybrids that comes from the Honeycrisp Apple.


From Trees To Bees

Our trees produce an abundant amount of fruit which is directly related to the love and hard work we put into growing our trees.  In addition we raise our own honey bees and having our own bee's we control the pollination process guaranteeing that every tree will produce the apples you have come to expect and love.


Our Landscape

Our farm is situated on the slopes of a valley, this allows our trees to escape the cold frost as the frost keeps rolling down to the bottom of the valley this creates a constant flow of air keeping our trees safe.  In addition we use water from one of the purest aquifers in the county so you can ensure that each apple is as juicy as the next.






Our Story!

Our adventure began in 2011 with the planting of our first 300 apple trees. Each year we continued to plant and now have 12,500 apple trees planted in a high density format.

The idea to make our specialty spirit's came from wanting to make the orchard a more sustainable farm.

A few years later with the guidance of List Distillery in Ft. Meyers Flordia our first spirit was created.

Made from apples developed by the Uninversity of Minnesota this handcrafted spirit offers a smooth crisp flavor just as the apple grown in our state are famous for.

We hope you enjoy!

Jay & Tammy Clark




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